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Steve Aoki & Chris Lake & Tujamo – Boneless (Original Mix)



Yes yes yess. Awesome trap(ish) song by Steve Aoki, Chris Lake, and Tujamo titled “Boneless”. When you hear it for the first time, a great big smile comes on your face. Do it.

Download: Steve Aoki & Chris Lake & Tujamo – Boneless (Original Mix)


Audien – Leaving You (Feat. Michael S.) (Original Mix)



WOOOOOO!!!! Yes yes yes. Audien produces a straight banger right here called “Leaving You” with vocals by Michael S. If you are on this website, click it and listen to it. Won’t be disappointed. Do it!

Download: Audien – Leaving You (Feat. Michael S.) (Original Mix)


D-Mad & Arston vs. Ezon & Bebe Rexha – Match Problem (Ezon Mashup)



Wow! This one is absolute fire! The lyrics on this bad boy mixed with the drop and beat are a must listen to. Do it this instant.

Download: D-Mad & Arston vs. Ezon & Bebe Rexha – Match Problem (Ezon Mashup)


Echoes (Original Mix) – Henrik B, Niklas Gustavson & Pete Johansson



Woww. Great start to the summer with this banger titles “Echoes”. The vocals on this one are pristine to say the least. Definitely give this one a go.

Download: Echoes (Original Mix) – Henrik B, Niklas Gustavson & Pete Johansson


Asalto vs. Amba Shepherd – Paranoize Soldier (Vocal Mix)



Wow! Love this combination of Asalto’s “Paranoize” and insane lyrics by Amba Shepherd. Absolutely give this one a go ASAP.

Download: Asalto vs. Amba Shepherd – Paranoize Soldier (Vocal Mix)


Deorro & Joel Fletcher – Queef (Original Mix)



Really like this one right here. DO NOT be freaked out by the strange title (haha). This track reminds me of any TJR track i.e. “Ode To Oi” or “Whatz Up Suckaz”. Seriously give this one a listen and you will not be disappointed.

Download: Deorro & Joel Fletcher – Queef (Original Mix)


Skrillex & Alvin Risk – Imma Try It Out



Real sick Skrillex and Alvin Risk collaboration right here called “Imma Try It Out”. Love the beginning beat as well as the drop. Give it a go.

Download: Skrillex & Alvin Risk – Imma Try It Out


Avicii – Always On The Run (Feat. Chris Martin)


Pretty big fan of this new Avicii track. A little different from his older / happier stuff, but this track is still really good. Give it a go.

Download: Avicii – Always On The Run (Feat. Chris Martin)


Kap Slap – Apollights (Feat. Hardwell, Third Party, Kelly Clarkson)


I’m not one to post a mashup often, but this one is superb. Kap Slap takes Hardwell’s new banger “Apollo” and throws sweet Kelly Clarkson lyrics on it, followed by the actual lyrics in the song on the second drop. Give this one a go.

Download: Kap Slap – Apollights (Feat. Hardwell, Third Party, Kelly Clarkson)


Britt Nicole – Amazing Life (Capital Kings Remix)



Sweet remix by Capital Kings with awesome vocals by Britt Nicole. Buildup surpasses the drop I think on this one, but still an all around great track. Give it a go.

Download: Britt Nicole – Amazing Life (Capital Kings Remix)

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