Paranormal AVtivity | Indiegogo

This isn’t normal. This isn’t even abnormal. This is Paranormal AVtivity from Ghost Crew; bringing the insanity and spectacle of massive music festivals like Ultra, TomorrowWorld, and EDC to a club, warehouse, or other nontraditional space around the corner. A series of paranormally powered events across America.

They like to party hard, and have quite vivid imaginations. They’ve got the ability, and you’ve got the power. They are committed to making anything we can imagine come to life, and in your face! It’s going to be one wild trip!

With Paranormal AVtivity, Ghost Crew’s goal is to change this permanently by  paving the way for mind-blowing creative visual integration into the EDM experience for years to come. Thanks to some generous investors they’re prepared to handle the majority of the production costs for this event series but without your support, this level of insanity might well have to stay in your own head. In order to proceed, they are looking to crowdfund $50,000.

This is going to be HUGEEEEE and has the utmost potential to be the biggest and best venue out there. Check out the site below for MUCH MORE details, pictures, and updates!!! INCE OUT!!!!

Paranormal AVtivity | Indiegogo



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