Lxury – J.A.W.S

OHHHH BOYYYY!! Back with our first post in months people!! Here we goo! Lxury is a name you probably haven’t heard before, but there’s a good chance music lovers out there have heard the freshly fabricated producer’s “J.A.W.S.”. This definitely reminds me of Disclosure’s fresh tracks. The glowing house feeling, which comes from the  vocal pieces that rises in the second half, have your body moving from side to side. This song is going to be HUGE!!! I feel that it’s going to be in many big producer’s mixes without a doubt. Shout out to INCEbeats affiliate and co-inspirational founder/Producer himself Jordan Krawitz for showing this to us. Thank you brother. INCE. Listen, Download, Enjoy, and INCE OUT!!!!!!

Download: Lxury – J.A.W.S


Paranormal AVtivity | Indiegogo

This isn’t normal. This isn’t even abnormal. This is Paranormal AVtivity from Ghost Crew; bringing the insanity and spectacle of massive music festivals like Ultra, TomorrowWorld, and EDC to a club, warehouse, or other nontraditional space around the corner. A series of paranormally powered events across America.

They like to party hard, and have quite vivid imaginations. They’ve got the ability, and you’ve got the power. They are committed to making anything we can imagine come to life, and in your face! It’s going to be one wild trip!

With Paranormal AVtivity, Ghost Crew’s goal is to change this permanently by  paving the way for mind-blowing creative visual integration into the EDM experience for years to come. Thanks to some generous investors they’re prepared to handle the majority of the production costs for this event series but without your support, this level of insanity might well have to stay in your own head. In order to proceed, they are looking to crowdfund $50,000.

This is going to be HUGEEEEE and has the utmost potential to be the biggest and best venue out there. Check out the site below for MUCH MORE details, pictures, and updates!!! INCE OUT!!!!

Paranormal AVtivity | Indiegogo


Cash Cash – Take Me Home feat. Bebe Rexha (The Chainsmokers Remix)

OHH BABY!!!!!!!! Not only is the musical phenomena Cash Cash unbelievable, the up and coming  remix production powerhouse The Chainsmokers has killed it again!!!! Cash Cash’s hit single “Take Me Home” dropped on July 16th, and we were instant fans. You may recognize the vocalist on the track, who is none other than Bebe Rexha – better known to some as the lead singer from the Black Cards. The Chainsmokers remix officially drops on August 19th, and features Bebe’s vocal angelic power immediately. The remix has an insane build up along with the crazy vocals and the drop is one of a kind, an extreme rarity in the world of drop-heavy dance music culture today. Both the original track and the remix are incredibly catchy, and we will have these songs on repeat for weeks! Honestly, I think The Chainsmokers remix is slightly better… WE LOVE THIS SONG!!! Keep an eye out for The Chainsmokers, OUR FAVORITE DJ’s TODAY!!! Listen, Download, Enjoy, and INCE OUT!!!!

Download: Cash Cash – Take Me Home (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Krewella – Live For The Night

Krewella has really grown from the first time I’ve heard of them. From  “One Minute” years ago, to their unbelievable hit single “Alive”, they are approaching the top of the EDM spectrum extremely fast. I know many people who say Krewella is amazing and even better live on stage. Featured below is the first single off Krewella’s upcoming album being released by the end of summer. Good luck to potential grammy winning Krewella in the future. Enjoy and Live For The Night. Shout out to our boy Dags, one of Krewella’s biggest fans.  Listen, Download, Enjoy, and INCE OUT!!!!!

Download: Krewella – Live For The Night

Smallpools – Dreaming (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Another AWESOME track by The Chainsmokers. Can’t get enough of these guys. Keep killin’ it. Listen, Download, Enjoy, and INCE OUT!!!

Download: Smallpools – Dreaming (The Chainsmokers Remix)

ASTR – Operate (The Chainsmokers Remix)

The Chainsmokers are honestly the best up and coming DJ’s I know today. Every single remix they have produced has been UNBELIEVABLE! Their choice of song and their ability to transform it into a electronic masterpiece is beyond my imagination. Not only that but they also have a unique and signature style that is compared to mainstream sounds. I LOVE THEM.

The Chainsmokers have dropped yet another fresh remix of ASTR‘s “Operate”. It’s cool remix with great vibes. What I like most about this song is that the vocals are on point. This track is really catchy, making you want to listen again and again. And most of all… it’s FREE! Listen, Download, Enjoy, and INCE OUT!!!!

Download: ASTR – Operate (The Chainsmokers Remix)




PRIME SOCIAL GROUP UNVEILS FIRST-EVERY BREAKAWAY MUSIC FESTIVAL. There are many cool things happening at this amazing event. Not only is this one of PSG’s biggest music festivals, it is being held in two different SOCCER STADIUMS!! This is unbelievable and amazing. First festival is being held in Columbus, Ohio in the Columbus Crew Stadium (sick stadium) on September 14th and the second festival is being held in Dallas, Texas in the FC Dallas Stadium (another sick stadium) on September 21st. The quality of music is phenomenal and spans from EDM, indie, pop, hip-hop, and more. Some artists include BASSNECTAR, WU-TANG CLAN, EMPIRE OF THE SUN, KENDRICK LAMAR, BIG GIGANTIC,  MATT & KIM, TWENTY ONE PILOTS, JUICY J, PORTER ROBINSON, and much more!!!!!! As PSG says…. “Your Field. Your Fest.” I have a feeling Breakaway Festival is going to set the bar for music festivals, and it hopefully will turn out to be a trendsetter. I cannot wait to go. Thanks PSG. Go Crew. Go Bucks. Turn up. INCE OUT!



For complete details, up-to-the-minute updates, and ticket information, visit:

Breakaway Festival

Breakaway Festival | Facebook

Also, if you would like to keep up to date with PSG’s amazing events, check out the website of this amazing company:

Prime Social Group

Prime Social Group | Facebook

Prime Social Group | Twitter

Steve Aoki & Chris Lake & Tujamo – Boneless (Original Mix)



Yes yes yess. Awesome trap(ish) song by Steve Aoki, Chris Lake, and Tujamo titled “Boneless”. When you hear it for the first time, a great big smile comes on your face. Do it.

Download: Steve Aoki & Chris Lake & Tujamo – Boneless (Original Mix)

[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/5h2x.mp3]

Avicii – Let Me Show You Love (Don’t Give Up On Us) (Tom Swoon Edit)

Old school right here with a new school twist. Can’t beat the real Avicii. Tom Swoon just spices it up a bit… amazing. Check it out. Listen, Download, Enjoy and INCE OUT!!!!

Download: Avicii – Let Me Show You Love (Don’t Give Up On Us) (Tom Swoon Edit)

The Jane Doze – Haus Of Doze 3: The Road To EDC

Another WOW… Once again, The Jane Doze blows us away with their amazing mix that has unbelievable tracks and flows perfectly. These talented ladies really know what they are doing and us at INCEbeats can tell that have greatly improved to be one of our favorite artists. You go girls, do what you do. Check it out right here and download for free. If you like what you hear and want updates on future mixes, please check out their websites:




Listen, Enjoy, Download, and INCE OUT!!!!!

Download: The Jane Doze – Haus Of Doze 3: The Road To EDC

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